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Dollie Dollie 12/12/2023 Is there any plan to reverse the Rhynio carry speed buff? PvP wise y'all made it useless. Once it needs speed because the player is so exposed unlike the quetzal WildTacoBR WildTacoBR
Creature Creature 06/13/2023 no comment RyuouShenron RyuouShenron
ARK ARK 06/13/2023 no comment RyuouShenron RyuouShenron
OmenBeast OmenBeast 11/05/2022 great guy.fair trader forgotenlore forgotenlore
yekrucifixion187 yekrucifixion187 01/03/2022 Those damn bicycles Arkal Arkal
Zartonar Zartonar 12/04/2021 fast and easy trading KuRscHi KuRscHi
Zartonar Zartonar 11/15/2021 Great trader, fast and very nice! Vielen dank! davidcostarica davidcostarica
Joebl0w13 Joebl0w13 03/11/2021 ... Shayaan21 Shayaan21
Joebl0w13 Joebl0w13 03/11/2021 ... Shayaan21 Shayaan21
Shayaan21 Shayaan21 03/09/2021 Sold for a good price and was helpful. Dinobros2000 Dinobros2000
Dinobros2000 Dinobros2000 03/09/2021 Very nice and reliable customer did not even attempt to scam me. Shayaan21 Shayaan21
akifes akifes 01/17/2021 You're the best I love trading with you !!!! Xylia Xylia
ludiii ludiii 01/12/2021 kind person quick trade will be proud to be friend with. akifes akifes
akifes akifes 01/12/2021 Very fair and good trader bought 2 megachelons everything went smooth ludiii ludiii
akifes akifes 12/23/2020 bought three Tusoteuthis, the transaction was quick trader honest Alex3123121 Alex3123121
Alex3123121 Alex3123121 12/23/2020 Very easy trade Thanks. Have fun to trade with. akifes akifes
sjskdjkfa sjskdjkfa 12/19/2020 Super fun easy trade thanks akifes akifes
akifes akifes 12/19/2020 yay a griffin! sjskdjkfa sjskdjkfa
Sunray4life Sunray4life 11/19/2020 Very Smooth trading he even helped me get to the obelisk Shayaan21 Shayaan21
mmintz90 mmintz90 07/08/2020 Nice and friendly trader. Took some days to make the trade since we were from diferent timezones. But all went well. Would trade again Razen Razen
Erinn Erinn 07/04/2020 Friendly and fair trader/player. Trade was made very easily. Hope to make more trades with in future Razen Razen
dennis12 dennis12 06/28/2020 Nice and fair trader, we managed to settle price very fast . Came to pick me up beside the struggle of lag :) . Recommended Razen Razen
Razen Razen 06/28/2020 Fair price and quick trade. Would reccomend to others dennis12 dennis12
Sunnyrayz Sunnyrayz 05/05/2020 Very fair, very fast. I'm happy to do business with him anytime. Thanks topaktuell topaktuell
topaktuell topaktuell 05/05/2020 Smooth Trade, Everything Went Fine Sunnyrayz Sunnyrayz
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